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The u-ProPit of VRinsight is a portable control and screen system for propel type aircraft. All the gauges, buttons and knobs are displaying synchronized with Microsoft's Flight Simulator propeller aircraft and most add-ons propeller aircrafts. Real knobs and push buttons provide the user an ultimately realistic flight experience with instant setup. Fully interfaced with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X through a USB port and VRiSim software(supplied). Requires USB 2.0 port, unregistered FSUIPC and a free DVI or VGA port

* Not to be connected to Matrox TripleHead2Go or DualHead2Go.

* Microsoft Flight simulator X, STEAM version Compatible

* Lockheed Martin PREPAR 3D Compatible

* Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

* USB 2.0 Connection

* D.C 12V adaptor (Included in the package)

* One free VGA or DVI port on a ATI or nVdia card required.

* FSUIPC unregistered version required (Included in the package)

* AIRSPEED indicator

* ARTIFICIAL HORIZON with setting rotary knob

* ALTIMETER with BARO setting rotary knob


* HEADING indicator with heading bug and gyro rotary knob

* VERTICAL SPEED indicator

* VOR1 indicator with OBS rotary knob

* VOR2 indicator with OBS rotary knob

* Full metal case, plate and stand

* Size : 210mm (L) x 37mm (W) x 113mm (H)

* Weight : 1.5kg

* One year warranty

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  • If you discover an error in your order requiring a change or cancellation, please contact us immediately.    After an order is shipped, it cannot be cancelled.

  • The selling price do not include customs duties and import tax for customs clearance.

  • H.S Code : 8471.60-1020

  • Product Details | Delivery | Related Products    


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